Bespoke lamination service lampshade materials VPF Amstedam

About us

Discover what makes VPF unique. We would love to introduce you to our passion, our history and our constantly growing collection. Want to know what changes over more than 100 years have made us who we are today? Visit our History page

What sets VPF apart

VPF is the market leader in exclusive materials for lampshades. We are a family business with a big taste for interior design and rich fabrics. Learn the three ways we differentiate ourselves for our customers.

Tradition with innovation

Our company is strongly rooted in a rich past, but we always have our eyes on the future.

Craftsmanship full of passion

We are all about relationships and working together. Love for interiors and attention to your needs.

Quality without exception

A lot is possible with our flexible service. But when it comes to quality, only the maximum is good enough.