Single lamination lampshade material

Single lamination

On request, we laminate a single fabric on a backing of your choice. Read more about the possibilities or make an enquiry directly for the single-sided lamination of your lighting. You need to be logged in to do so.


About single-sided lamination

If you have a fabric in our range in mind for your lampshades, we can laminate it to size for you on one side only. All fabrics can be supplied on different types of backings, in line with your request and specific requirements.

You can choose from many different fabrics and backings, so we can always realise your style wishes. Moreover, countless combinations are possible. When you make your enquiry, let us know how you would like your lighting to look and we will make it happen. On this site, you can find inspiration and select your favourite fabrics.

How it works?

You can easily make an application online. Before you start, you need to be logged in with your account. Do you not yet have an account on our website? Then you can register within minutes. After you have logged in, fill in the request form to communicate your wishes to us.

Within a few days of your request, we will contact you to fine-tune your wishes. Once everything is clear, we can get to work laminating your bespoke lampshades. Click on the button below to start your request.

Do you need a lampshade producer? We can help!

As specialists in lampshade materials, we can produce all supplies to your specifications. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and the possibilities so that we can supply you with exactly what you are looking for.